About Us

As the market leader in Namibia, Africa Personnel Services (APS) has been offering employment solutions since 1996. Our international footprint has allowed us to ensure a sound experience for both companies offering employment and individuals seeking employment. Our business is built on sound Human Capital principles, while offering all of our clients the highest levels of loyalty, integrity and respect. We pride ourselves on offering a personal experience that adds value and ensures sustainable business growth in Namibia.

Through its involvement in all industries in Namibia, APS has identified the need for training especially in the hospitality sector. With this in mind, APS Guest House was established to provide theoretical as well as practical training for clients in the hospitality industry. Hotels and lodges can send their staff, including housekeeping staff, waiters, bar tenders, frontline staff as well as room/guest attendants to obtain industry relevant training, certified by the Namibia Training Authority.

The APS Guest house is located in a tranquil environment, nestled between large trees that shield you from the hustle and bustle of city life. Centrally situated in Windhoek, guests have access to all the major routes and centres within 10 min drive in each direction. APS Guesthouse gives the discerning traveller peace and quiet within the capital of Namibia, whilst you as our guest can contribute back to the Namibian community through supporting the training initiatives by merely booking in to our guest house.

We look forward to welcoming you and are confident that you will enjoy every minute of your stay with us!